Dancing in the Moonlight

My name is Anna. I love God, with my whole being. He is my life, and I strive to serve Him for the rest of my life in all I do. People are extremely important to me, I want to show everyone love no matter how hard it can be. You have a purpose, and you are loved beyond measure. I have no idea where I am going these next couple years, but I'm trusting in the Lord, knowing He's got a plan. I also love to laugh, and to see others laugh and smile, it's something great. If you have any questions you can send me a message! You are beautiful.

Literally everyday life at River Valley Ranch. 

I’m really gonna miss everything about the ranch after summer. 

2 years ago
  1. be-fearful-of-mediocrity said: This place sounds so awesome! I wanna come join you! ;)
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